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Reagent drug test kits useful for testing drugs sold as MDMA (also known as ecstasy or Molly). Buy a combination of  Marquis, Simon’s and Froehde reagents. All bundles come with Fentanyl Test Strips. 

Marquis is the most popular reagent, or add Simons (Standard bundle) and Liebermann (Pro bundle) for greater accuracy. Next-day and priority shipping available. See our guide to testing.

MDMA Test Kit Color Charts (Visual included in product packaging)

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Place a small 10 mg sample (or Imagine 100 grains of salt) on a non-porous, white, or clear surface. Highly recommended to use our test trays or test tubes.

Step 2: Add 1-2 drops of reagent to the sample, avoiding contact with the dropper.

Step 3: Observe the color change within 0-180 seconds and compare to the included color diagram. Marquis reagent will quickly turn black, although you might see purple during the transition. Simon’s reagent turns blue in the presence of MDMA, and may either not react or turn a dark grey with a hint of green in the presence of MDA. Liebermann reagent turns black in the presence of MDMA.

Using visual pill reports is not a reliable method of identifying your MDMA. The data is from unverified third parties and bad pill producers can easily use the same pill press and coloring as benevolent producers.

Marquis, Simons, and Liebermann reagents last up to 2 years from the purchase date, but check the date on your packaging.  Store in a cool, dark place for longer shelf life. Our test kits contain between 50-100 uses.

By using multiple test kits, you are better able to isolate what is in your sample.

Marquis Reagents (included in all bundles) are effective at identifying MDMA from opiates, amphetamines and methamphetamines, and 2C-B. But, it cannot detect MDA, a chemically similar and more harmful substance. 

Simon’s A & B reagents (included in pro bundle) can also distinguish MDMA from MDA.

Liebermann reagents (included in pro bundle) can test for ketamine, MDMA, MDA, amphetamine, cocaine, levamisole, PMA, PMMA, fentanyl (recommend fentanyl test strips for fentanyl), the bath salt methylone, meth, and deadly NBOMe.  

Use multiple reagents, such as Marquis + Simon’s or Marquis + Simon’s + Liebermann will reduce your chances of misinterpreting your sample results.

Currently, there are no known reagents that can effectively identify Fentanyl. The only known products with high accuracy are Fentanyl test strips.

Fentanyl is not considered a common adulterant found in MDMA samples, but given the lethal consequences of ingesting even miniscule amounts, it’s highly recommended to test for it.