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The Evolving EDM World Going Into 2024

In recent years, the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene has experienced a transformation, adapting and evolving to new trends, technologies, and cultural shifts. Let’s take a look at these changes, and explore how they’ve impacted artists, fans, and the industry in general.

(Re)Emerging Genres and the Resurgence of Techno

A significant change in the EDM landscape is the resurgence of techno and tech-house music. This revival has been particularly pronounced in the U.S., where cities like New York and Chicago have seen a renewed interest in these genres. The late techno and tech-house producer i_o played a pivotal role in bringing techno back into the limelight, a legacy that continues to grow. Other producers like Charlotte De Witte and I Hate Models have also gained considerable followings, further fueling the techno boom​​.

New Festivals and Novel Acts

The EDM scene has also witnessed the introduction of new festivals and novel acts. Insomniac, a major event promoter, has expanded its reach by introducing new festivals like HARD PNW and Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge in the Pacific Northwest, and Project Glow on the east coast. Additionally, Insomniac’s house and techno affiliate, Secret Project, made its mark in Portugal. This period has also seen artists reinventing themselves and embarking on new directions. For example, Charlotte De Witte made history at Tomorrowland, Kaskade and deadmau5 formed the collaborative project Kx5, and Hardwell re-emerged with a new style​​.

Crowd Control and Cultural Shifts

With the growth of the EDM scene, issues like oversold shows, packed venues, surging prices, and phone thefts have become more prevalent. These growing pains have raised questions about crowd control and safety at events. The influx of newcomers has also led to a culture clash within the community, as established ravers note differences in crowd behavior. This influx is partly attributed to the pent-up demand post-pandemic, leading to a sudden wave of new entrants to the scene rather than a gradual integration​​.

Embracing Harm Reduction

A positive development in the EDM scene is the increasing focus on harm reduction. Insomniac has partnered with End Overdose to combat opioid-related deaths and hospitalizations. This initiative is crucial as the Fentanyl epidemic continues to impact the United States. Additionally, venues and promoters have started providing alcohol testing strips, DUI self-checking kits, and other harm reduction tools, enhancing safety and security at events. However, challenges remain, such as addressing the issue of phone thefts and ensuring gun control at festivals​​.

Conclusion and Call to Action

The EDM scene is in a state of continuous evolution, shaped by new genres, festivals, and cultural dynamics. These changes are creating both opportunities and challenges for artists, fans, and the industry. For enthusiasts and newcomers alike, exploring this evolving landscape offers a chance to discover new music, experience diverse festivals, and engage with the ever-changing culture of EDM. As we look to the future, it’s clear that the EDM scene will continue to innovate and adapt, reflecting the vibrant and dynamic nature of this musical genre.

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