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Why use an MDMA supplement stack?

To start, the only completely safe way to approach drugs is to not use them.

MDMA has been shown to be neurotoxic when administered in large or frequent doses to lab animals. At least some dosages of MDMA are neurotoxic in humans. In studies, high doses of MDMA have led to loss of serotonin axons the “communication cables” that your serotonin neurons (brain cells) us to send signals regulating emotions, appetite, sleep and other functions. MDMA works primarily by causing these serotonin axons to release a lot of serotonin at once, causing euphoria (Source: DanceSafe).

mdma animal rat testing

Supplements have been shown to reduce or prevent MDMA-induced neurotoxcity in rodent studies. See references below.

We encourage you to do your own research;, DrugsAnd.Me and DanceSafe are great starting points. While we aim to provide the best combination of natural supplements to combat the negative effects of MDMA use, our product does not claim to induce sobriety or inhibit drug usage.

As noted on RollSafe- Anecdotal reports indicate that MDMA comedowns are strongly related to:

  • Impure MDMA / fake MDMA. Common adulterants include MDA (Sass), Bath Salts, Ketamine, Methamphetamines and Amphetamines.

  • Unsafe dosages

  • Not waiting long enough between MDMA uses

  • Lack of sleep

  • Other unhealthy actions / other drug use

Potential risks of frequent MDMA usage

  • Serotonin syndrome. MDMA can also exacerbate symptoms of depression

  • “Losing the Magic.” When people use MDMA irresponsibly (frequently and in high quantities) the effects of MDMA start to wear off.

  • Neurotoxic harm. It might produce symptoms similar to depression: sleep and memory problems, anxiety, emotional instability, trouble concentrating.

Do vitamin supplements help with MDMA recovery? Should I take vitamins after MDMA/Molly?

Supplements are more effective when taken before and throughout your roll. Our timed MDMA supplementation packs are divided into 3 packs “Before”, “During”, and “After” to maximize effectiveness. It includes a Melatonin for better sleep and Green Tea Extract (EGCG), a natural diuretic to help it exit your system. For more on what’s in a Roll Kit, scroll down.

In our survey results30 of 32 participants indicated that supplements “definitely” or “greatly” improved their comedown. Customers reported better sleep and less pre-roll anxiety. Our product is recommend by, a leading informational site and guide. See more reviews here:

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What’s in a Roll Kit and why?

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Acetyl-L-Carnitine (1000mg)

Pretreatment with Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ACL) has been demonstrated to exert “effective neuroprotection against the induced neurotoxicity at the mitochondrial level, reducing carbonyl formation, decreasing mtDNA deletion, improving the expression of the respiratory chain components and preventing the decrease of 5-HT levels in several regions of the rat brain.”

Alpha Lipoic Acid (1200 mg)

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that has been shown to “fully prevented the serotonergic deficits and the changes in the glial response induced by MDMA.”

Coenzyme Q10 (200 mg)

CoQ10 (ubiquinone) “attenuated the depletion of 5-HT in the striatum and hippocampus produced by the systemic administration of methylenedioxy-methamphetamine ”

Vitamin C (500mg)

“Treatment of rats with ascorbic acid suppressed the generation of hydroxyl radicals, as evidenced by the production of 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid from salicylic acid, in the striatum during the administration of a neurotoxic regimen of methylenedioxy-methamphetamine . Ascorbic acid also attenuated the methylenedioxy-methamphetamine -induced depletion of striatal 5-HT content.”

Vitamin E (536 mg)

Vitamin E deficiency has been shown to increase the severity of induced neurotoxicity.

Green Tea Extract with EGCG (200 mg)

Green Tea contains powerful antioxidants to protect against free radical damage and avoid urinary retention caused by methylenedioxy-methamphetamine

Melatonin (5 mg)

5 mg is a larger dose than normal for before bed. But for these purposes, it is being utilized for antioxidant properties Melatonin as an antioxidant: biochemical mechanisms and pathophysiological implications in humans

Why no 5-HTP after MDMA?

We’ve thought about it a lot, and we aren’t sure it’s a good idea, so we left it out. For more details, see our longer post on our reasoning.

Make sure to test your MDMA

Common MDMA adulterants that we want to avoid include: DXM, MDA, methamphetamine, methylone, and occasionally PMA/PMMA. DXM has become substantially rarer over time. More recently, Fentanyl has been appearing in MDMA supply.
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