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Our mission is to demystify supplement usage and make it convenient.

Will MDMA supplements reduce my roll?

Absolutely not.

Why so many pills?

Roll Kit is the most comprehensive rave supplement product available. Each included supplement in a Roll Kit is backed by research. Our supplements are divided based on their effective duration period and ability to be absorbed by the body.

All our supplements are sourced from high quality, certified manufacturers and are free of common allergens, including gluten and soy.

Where can I find out more about MDMA’s history, side effects, testing, and appropriate dosages?

For more information, we recommend you check out…

Is this all I need as far as supplements?

Please stay hydrated. Proper hydration is essential for avoiding risks of both hyperthermia if you’re getting a lot of exercise, e.g. from dancing. The recommended water intake during MDMA usage is 200-400mL per hour. Drinking too much water (~ more than 1 bottle per hour) can cause and hyponatremia (over-hydration). You should avoid forcing yourself to drink much more than you would during regular exercise, as in extreme cases, over-hydration has lead to death. Over-hydration causes one’s sodium levels to decrease below a healthy level. Consuming a sports drink (contains sodium, potassium, other electrolytes) helps to keep your sodium levels in line.

You should always test your drugs, otherwise there’s no way to be confident of quality or the absence of more harmful substances. The only completely safe way to approach drugs is to not use them.

Can I bring Roll Kit into a festival or a club?

Supplements and vitamins are on the the “list of allowed items” of most festivals. Roll Kit labels include the supplement name and amounts and do not mention MDMA.

If you are concerned with bringing a Roll Kit through security at a venue, you can take the “during” sachet early, just before entering. The half-life (duration of efficacy) of the supplements in a Roll Kit vary, but most are effective for several hours.

How long will it take to arrive? Will my order arrive before the festival?

Orders include a trackable UPS shipping code and are shipped within one business day. Delivery within the 48 contiguous US takes 2-5 business days and 2-Day Air is available for a 10 upgrade.

All order ship same day if ordered before 1:50pm Eastern Time.

Do Roll Kits contain 5-HTP?

Roll Kit does not contain 5-HTP since taking 5-HTP within a short time frame with your roll can cause serotonin syndrome. Many other rave supplement kits include 5-HTP, a potentially dangerous mistake.

You can take 5-HTP the day after your roll. Wait at least 12 hours after the effect of MDMA has worn off, if not longer.

Much more info here.

Is the packaging anonymous? How will it appear on my credit card statement?

Roll Kits ship in padded envelopes with “RKIT” as the sender. “RKit” or “RK Natural” will appear on your credit card statement.