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Drug Harm Reduction and What You Should Know About Molly

Molly is a street name for the recreational drug MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine). The use of molly/MDMA has been rising over the past decade, especially among young people attending music festivals and raves. While molly may seem like a fun party drug, it does come with real risks.

The purpose of the following paragraphs is to educate people about how to reduce the potential harms of using molly, some of the after effects of molly and how to use it in the safest way possible.

Know the Risks of Molly

Let’s review some of the main risks to be aware of with molly use:

Effects on brain: Molly causes a surge in the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in the brain. This leads to the euphoric high but can also deplete these chemicals and cause depressive episodes in the days after use.

Thermoregulatory issues: Taking molly can interfere with the body’s temperature regulation. It can cause dangerously high body temperatures, leading to organ failure in severe cases. Staying cool is essential.

Hydration concerns: The drug increases sweating and physical activity on the dance floor. This leads to severe dehydration if you’re not replacing fluids and electrolytes.

Impaired judgement: The intoxicating effects impact decision-making. People may engage in risky behaviors like unsafe sex or drugged driving under the influence of molly.

Follow Safe Use Guidelines

If you do choose to use molly, here are some tips for reducing risks:

Test your molly: Purchase reagent test kits to verify the substance and screen for dangerous contaminants. Avoid taking an unknown substance.

Measure your dose: Start with a low dose of 80-120mg and don’t redose more than once per session, at half the initial dose. Stick to oral use only.

Stay cool and hydrated: Take breaks from dancing, wear breathable clothing, and sip electrolyte drinks. Don’t overheat.

Avoid multiple-day use: Space out molly sessions by 1-3 months to allow serotonin to fully replenish in your brain.

Create a Safer Environment

Taking molly often happens in hot, crowded, high-energy environments like clubs, raves, and music festivals. This can increase the risks of dehydration and overheating. There are steps you can take to promote safety:

Avoid getting too hot: If taking molly in a hot climate or crowded space, be strategic in cooling off. Take frequent breaks in air-conditioned rooms or chill-out spaces. Use personal fans or cooling towels. Seek out misting stations. Avoid direct sunlight which exacerbates drug-induced heat issues.

Recognize the symptoms of overheating like dizziness, nausea, and confusion – and immediately take action to lower body temperature if they arise. Having a cooler environment can literally save lives.

Have a support system: Never take molly alone. Bring trusted friends who know you are taking drugs and can look out for you. Having a “tripsitter” who is sober helps enormously – they can spot if you are having an adverse reaction and get help if needed. Rave buddies can remind each other to take breaks and drink water. A support system is vital for safety.

Choose safer spaces: Opt to take molly at organized events like concerts and festivals that have medical staff on site. Many now provide “chill-out” spaces with cooling areas, water, and sometimes drug counseling services. Avoid taking drugs in unsupervised settings without quick access to help if things go wrong. Be smart about your environment.

Seek Help If Needed

While most molly experiences go fine, occasionally people can experience severe side effects that require medical intervention. Know the signs and seek immediate help when warranted:

Recognize symptoms of serotonin syndrome: In severe cases, molly can cause a dangerous serotonin overload leading to symptoms like high body temperature, seizures, irregular heartbeat, and organ failure. This medical emergency requires immediate sedation and hydration. Don’t ignore these severe reactions.

Look After Yourself Afterwards

The molly experience doesn’t end when the drug wears off. It’s crucial to look after both your physical and mental health in the days following use.

Expect “molly hangover”: Give yourself 3-5 days of rest and recovery time after using molly. Your brain is depleted of feel-good chemicals, so you may feel down, anxious, or exhausted. Eat nourishing food, hydrate, and only do light activity until the hangover passes.

Watch out for depressive episodes: In some people, molly can cause weeks-long depressive episodes as the brain struggles to replenish serotonin. If low moods or energy persists beyond the hangover phase, speak to a doctor – you may benefit from medication or therapy for post-molly depression. Don’t brush off lasting gloominess.

Integrate the experience: Reflect on any psychological insights you gained during your molly experience. How can you apply those realizations to make positive changes and growth in your sober life? Psychedelics often lead to transformational shifts in perspective – put in the work to integrate those lessons through self-care practices like meditation, journaling and therapy.

VII. The Future of Safer Molly Use

As molly use shows no signs of disappearing, how can we create a future where it is used more safely and responsibly? Some ideas:

Push for harm reduction policies: Advocate for policies that allow drug-checking services and peer-to-peer support networks for users. These pragmatic public health approaches save lives by promoting safety.

Advocate for need-based youth drug education: Fear-based “Just Say No” messaging fails. Advocate for empathetic, nuanced drug education that equips youth to make smart decisions instead of shaming all drug use. Meet teens where they are at.

Help reduce stigma around responsible psychedelic use: Work to shift societal attitudes so we can expand promising research on therapeutic uses of MDMA and related compounds for PTSD, anxiety, depression, and more. Reduce barriers to progress and more promising studies will continue to be funded.

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