Magnesium for MDMA?

Is there evidence?

Magnesium is a popular supplement for MDMA usage, mostly because it is said to reduce the tendency to clench your jaw while on MDMA. There is very limited evidence for this, but the general idea might have some merit (mechanistically). In terms of evidence, there is almost no literature related to bruxism (grinding or clenching of teeth) related to magnesium deficiencies. In a dermatology journal, magnesium-supplementation is one of 13 recommendations for self-care measures, and a PubMed search comes up with just a couple mentions of magnesium + bruxism — there seems to be as much evidence for vitamin D and calcium being related to bruxism as magnesium. It doesn’t appear that orthodontists or dentists are commonly recommending magnesium either.

Why is Mg commonly suggested?

If the evidence is lacking, why is magnesium commonly suggested? Probably because there is evidence suggesting Mg plays a role in skeletal muscle function. This would suggest that Mg could help with muscle cramping, but it appears that is not the case, nor does it help skeletal muscle function in active individuals who do not have Mg deficiencies.

We’ve heard anecdotal reports that magnesium can help with jaw clenching from MDMA, but we’ve also heard from people that experienced the same amount of clenching.  We think the reports of reduced jaw clenching can probably be attributed to the placebo effect, since it has become so common to recommend it for this purpose. Considering the lack of evidence for magnesium’s relationship to bruxism, muscle cramping, or muscle performance – I would be willing to bet that it makes no difference in MDMA related jaw clenching. If only we could sponsor a randomized controlled trial!

What about Mg as an antioxidant?

There is some reason to take magnesium as an antioxidant (for extracellular glutamate which is induced by MDMA). See this extensive reddit post on the subject. We have more thoughts on this post – stay tuned! If your reason for wanting to take Mg is for this purpose, we support it!

What type of magnesium is best?

If you do decide to add magnesium to your roll kit, we recommend Magnesium glycinate because it is highly bioavailable and inexpensive. Magnesium glycinate is fully chelated to a glycine molecule which prevents it from binding to insoluble salts.

Is magnesium included in roll kits?

Roll Kit doesn’t include Mg for a couple reasons: The first is that the evidence for reduced jaw clenching is lacking. The second is that if we did provide it, the total volume of Mg needed would basically double the size of the kit. We certainly aren’t opposed to Mg – please by all means feel free to add to your Roll Kit! We just don’t think the added bulk to the kit is supported by evidence.


For jaw clenching, magnesium probably doesn’t help. As an antioxidant, we believe roll kits have the most important supplements, and since Mg would essentially double the size of a kit, we made the decision to leave it out. If you do decide to add magnesium to your roll kit, we recommend magnesium glycinate.