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MDMA Drug Testing Kits – DIY Guide

What are common MDMA adulterants?

MDA (otherwise known as Sass,which is more neurotoxic), Cathinones (Bath Salts), amphetimes such as Methamphetamine (Meth), PMA, PMMA, Caffeine, Ketamine, and Fentanyl are all adulterants found in MDMA test samples.

What reagents / test kits are effective for testing MDMA?

By using multiple test kits, you are better able to isolate what is in your sample. For example, Marquis Reagents are effective at identifying MDMA and common adulterants. But, it cannot detect MDA, a chemically similar and more harmful substance.

Simon’s A & B can also distinguish MDMA from the chemically-similar adulterant MDA.

Using multiple reagents, such as Marquis + Simon’s or Marquis + Simon’s + Liebermann will reduce your chances of misinterpreting your sample results.

MDMA Testing Tree Chart
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How to test for Fentanyl? Do Reagent test kits work with Fentanyl?

Currently, there are no known reagents that can effectively identify Fentanyl. The only known products are Fentanyl test strips.

Fentanyl is not considered a common adulterant found in MDMA samples, but given the lethal consequences of ingesting even miniscule amounts, it’s highly recommended to test for it.
We sell individual Fentanyl Test Strips, and include a free Fentanyl test strip in both our Marquis + Simon’s bundle and Marquis + Simons + Liebermann bundle.

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What about MDMA Pill Reports or testing MDMA without a kit?

Using visual pill reports is not a reliable method of identifying your MDMA. The data is from unverified third parties and bad pill producers can easily use the same pill press and coloring as benevolent producers.

Can I buy test kits on Amazon or locally?

MDMA Test kits are not illegal, yet they are not sold widely.

Amazon does  not sell test kits, neither does Ebay does not sell test kits, and it is difficult to buy test kits locally. We offer a variety of test kits with expedited overnight and two-day shipping options (or free standard).

How long do reagent drug test-kits last? How many uses?

Marquis, Simons, and Liebermann reagents all last up to 2 years from the purchase date, but check the date on your packaging. Most test kits contain 100-150 uses. Store in a cool, dark place for longer shelf life. 

What are other ways to reduce harm and feel better after taking MDMA?

After testing, supplements are the next most important step to lessening harmful MDMA-side effects. Roll Kit’s all-in-one supplement combines the 7 research-backed antioxidants/vitamins for a better roll.


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